Strategy of the National Center of Expertise

Republican state enterprise on the right of economic management «National Centre of Expertise» of the Committee of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan carries out activities in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population. NEC is a system with a wide branch network that covers the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The center consists of a central office and 20 branches of which:

  • 14 regions and 2 cities in Almaty and Astana;
  • 25 city offices of branches;
  • 158 district offices of branches;
  • 4 centers of disinfection in the Shymkent, Uralsk, Petropavlovsk and Almaty city.

At present, the following structures function in the NCE:

  • Sanitary and hygienic laboratory with branches of electro-magnetic fields and other physical factors, toxicology of polymeric materials and other chemicals, toxicology of pesticides and pesticides, food hygiene, communal hygiene, industrial hygiene, physical and chemical research methods;
  • Bacteriological laboratory with a branch of parasitology;
  • Virology laboratory;
  • Radiological laboratory;
  • Laboratory of especially dangerous infections;
  • Disinfection department.

Mission of NEC

As a public health service, in order to improve the health and quality of life of citizens, as well as further development of the health care system, we conduct quality, demanded services that meet international standards.


Our center is aimed at constant improvement of sanitary and epidemiological expertise, reduction of research terms, ensuring accurate and reliable results for public health needs, as well as ensuring timeliness of anti-epidemic and preventive measures.

Social responsibility

The center strives to ensure the safety of life and health of labor for the population.


The center seeks to increase the professionalism of its employees, providing the necessary working conditions.