Yerlan Kiyasov spoke about the ecological state of water bodies and air in the Aral Sea region
Ерлан Киясов рассказал об экологическом состоянии водоемов и воздуха Приаралья 21.10.2022

Kyzylorda hosted the international scientific-practical conference "Environment and health of the population of the Aral Sea region", in which the Chairman of the Board of the National Center of Expertise Yerlan Kiyasov took part.

The participants of the conference discussed the problem of the Aral Sea, which is recognized by the UN and is considered one of the acute problems of our time.

Today, in order to prevent the harmful effects of environmental factors on human health, a system of sanitary and epidemiological monitoring has been introduced in the republic. Specialists monitor air, soil, water, food products. Epidemiologically significant objects include: water supply, open reservoirs, food, industrial, radiation hazardous objects.

According to Yerlan Kiyasov, in turn, the NCE laboratories carried out work on the study of water bodies, air and soil in the region.

“From 2019 to 2021, in the laboratories of our center from open reservoirs of sanitary and epidemiological monitoring, the proportion of non-compliance in terms of sanitary and chemical indicators was 31.6%, the excess was established for inorganic compounds and hardness (sulfates, suspended solids, chlorides, etc.) according to microbiological indicators 32% (total microbial count, TKB, coli-phages, etc.)," ​​the head of the NCE noted.

Over the past three years, according to the results of atmospheric air studies, an excess of hydrogen sulfide, soot and lead was often detected. And in the soil, during sanitary-chemical studies, lead was found in 0.4 cases.

At the end of his speech, he proposed to carry out a number of activities that would help assess changes in the state of public health due to changes in the human environment, determine urgent and long-term measures to prevent and eliminate the impact of harmful factors on public health, etc.

Recall that in September of this year, the head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, speaking at the general debate of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, drew the attention of the participants to the issues of the Aral Sea, and also proposed the creation of a UN regional center in Almaty.


In the Kyzylorda region, the laboratory service is represented by the Branch of the National Center of Expertise in Kyzylorda and 7 regional laboratories.

Laboratories are staffed according to the professional staff, specialists systematically take advanced training courses in republican and foreign scientific centers in Latvia, Italy, Russia.

The structure includes 6 laboratories - sanitary-hygienic, radiological, bacteriological, laboratory of high-precision research, laboratories of virology and OOI.

The laboratories are accredited according to the requirements of the quality management system, is a provider for the assessment of compliance with GOST ISO / IEC 17043-2013.

Complies with the international requirements of the ILAC quality mark, which indicates mutual recognition within the international accreditation organization.

The laboratory and research base of the National Center for Expertise allows you to conduct the necessary research in accordance with the approved nomenclature.

Equipped with modern high-precision equipment for sanitary and epidemiological monitoring of the residual content of toxic substances (vinyl acetate, heptane, hexane, polychlorinated biphenyls, etc.) and heavy metal salts at environmental objects, food and non-food products.

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