Anthrax was detected in the Karaganda region
Сибирскую язву выявили в Карагандинской области 10.11.2023

In the village of Topar, Abay district, three cases of human anthrax were registered.

Specialists from the laboratory of especially dangerous infections of the branch of the Republican State Enterprise at the National Center of Expertise in the Karaganda region collected samples from three sick people. On the same day, the first positive results were obtained, where DNA from vegetative and spore forms of anthrax was isolated. On the third day, cultures of the anthrax pathogen were isolated.

The conductor of anthrax infection was microtrauma of the hands. Among other things, a typical culture of the anthrax causative agent was isolated from a meat sample, from the soil from the place of slaughter, as well as from swabs from the refrigerator where the meat was stored.

In addition, disinfectants of the NCE branch carried out chamber disinfection of things and disinfection of premises.