A seminar on the use of the GANK gas analyzer was held at NCE
В НЦЭ прошел семинар по применению газоанализатора ГАНК 23.04.2024

The National Center of Expertise hosted a seminar on the use of GANK gas analyzers, organized jointly with the manufacturing company LLC “Pribor GANK”.

The event is aimed at improving the skills of specialists from the Company’s branches in the field of air analysis and quality control.

During the event, the main focus was on practical training on working with GANK gas analyzers, using various modifications, including those purchased in 2023.

During the seminar, problematic issues that specialists may encounter when working with gas analyzers were also reviewed and discussed, such as obtaining measurement results below the permissible level, drift of results, installation and operation of sorbent filters, as well as issues of calibration and monitoring the correctness of measurement results.

This seminar provided a unique opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge and skills in using a gas analyzer, which will allow them to more effectively perform their duties in monitoring the quality of ambient air, air in working and industrial premises.